Planning & Zoning Meeting Minutes
Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting

April 13, 2009

Members and Town Officials Present

Present were Planning and Zoning Commissioners: Janet Rochester, Chairwoman, Jack Griffin, Edward Raffetto, and David Taylor. Also present was Zoning Administrator and Town Planner Christopher Jakubiak, AICP.

Approval of Minutes

On a motion by Mr. Raffetto, seconded by Mr. Griffin, the Planning Commission unanimously approved the minutes of the February 9, 2009 meeting.
On a separate motion by Mr. Raffetto, seconded by Mr. Griffin, the Planning Commission unanimously approved the minutes of the March 9, 2009 meeting.

New Business

Concerning Use and Occupancy Permits and Inspections: Chairwoman Rochester introduced Mr. Jakubiak and he discussed the role and function of occupancy permits (U&0) as provided by the Town's zoning ordinance. He indicated that a U&0 permit is required at time of new construction and change of use, prior to legal occupancy. When the Town issues a U&O, it in effect certifies that the building meets the required standards for public health and safety. A building inspection is required to make this determination. Mr. Jakubiak introduced the Town Building Inspector, Mr. Michael Savage.  He discussed the technical reasons for the U&O inspection and the procedures he follows. The Planning Commission thanked Mr. Savage for attending the meeting.

Old Business

1.        Mr. Jakubiak returned to the discussion of the concept plan for the 34-acre Northside tract. He had presented the concept plan at the March meeting but because the Planning Commission lacked a quorum, Chairwoman Rochester asked that he discuss the concept plan again at the April meeting. The Planning Commission discussed the proposal and Mr. Rafetto asked for more detailing on the concept plan relative to proposed residential use. The Planning Commission agreed and Mr. Jakubiak stated that he could coordinate with the land owner and seek to have that aspect of the plan incorporated into the concept for the next meeting.

2.        Review and Discussion of Draft of Comprehensive Plan. Mr. Jakubiak reviewed the presentation he made at the March meeting on recommendations and mapping especially related to the planned growth area and municipal growth element of the draft Plan report. He referred to the copies of the letter to Helen Spinelli Chief of Comprehensive Planning of Queen Anne's County that were made available at the March meeting. He requested approval to send the letter along with the draft Municipal Growth Element with a request for formal comments. The Planning Commission directed that the letter be sent and Chairwoman Rochester stated her intention to sign the letter as drafted.


There were no public comments during the Public Comment period.


The meeting was adjourned at about 8:22 PM.

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