Church Hill Town Code
Part I  Administrative Legislation

Chapter 1            General Provisions

Chapter 3            Boards and Commissions

Chapter 5            Ethics

Chapter 8            Misdemeanors and Municipal Infractions

Chapter 12          Personnel

Chapter 13          Cable Television Franchising

Part II  General Legislation

Chapter 23          Animals

Chapter 27          Building Code

Chapter 34          Erosion and Sediment Control

Chapter 38          Firearms

Chapter 40          Floodplain Management

Chapter 42         Road Standards

Chapter 44          Housing Code

Chapter 45         Property Maintenance

Chapter 48
         Littering and Nuisances

Chapter 50          Loitering and Curfew

Chapter 53          Noise

Chapter 57          Peddling and Soliciting

Chapter 60          Sewers and Sanitary Facilities

Chapter 62          Stormwater Management

Chapter 65          Streets and Sidewalks

Chapter 67          Subdivision

Chapter 70          Taxation

Chapter 73          Vehicles and Traffic

Chapter 75          Zoning

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code provisions.